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The general: Going abroad

"Obama, looking to bolster his expertise in foreign policy, will travel to Europe and the Middle East to consult on issues like terrorism and nuclear proliferation, his campaign said on Saturday," Reuters writes. "The trip to France, Germany, Great Britain, Jordan and Israel will take place before the Democratic convention in late August… Obama also plans to visit Iraq and Afghanistan this summer as part of a congressional delegation, but the campaign would not confirm those visits would be part of the same trip and would not give the exact dates of any foreign trips."

VIDEO: Barack Obama has announced he will be touring five European countries and the Middle East this summer. NBC Deputy Political Director Mark Murray reports.

The Wall Street Journal previews McCain's trip to Colombia and Mexico and notes it's an attempt to look like an international statesman.

John Harwood of CNBC and the New York Times writes, "Colombia hardly constitutes a general election battleground. Neither does France nor Jordan. But Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are heading to those countries and others because votes can be won there. The votes are the reward that Americans confer for gravitas — the stature and experience that reassures them their would-be president can safeguard them from unforeseen events. What helps the candidates in this effort are the images of them consulting with foreign leaders and giving speeches on the international stage, as well as the knowledge they glean during these travels."

"Appearing later before the same audience, Obama accused McCain of walking away from comprehensive immigration reform… The two spoke separately to some 700 Hispanics attending the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference. It's the first of three such appearances each is scheduled to make to Hispanic organizations in less than a month, underscoring the importance of the nation's fastest-growing minority group."