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Veepstakes: Lieberman brings up Wright

Compiled by NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli… Joe Lieberman (I) brings up Jeremiah Wright during an interview with ABC. "In fairness we don't know if Rev. Wright said these inflammatory, anti-American, racial comments every Sunday, but I would not continue to go to a synagogue where that kind of rhetoric was spoken," Lieberman said, adding, "I think it did raise questions in people's minds about why did he stay in the church that long."

VIDEO: CNBC's John Harwood and NBC's Andrea Mitchell discuss potential running mates for Barack Obama and John McCain with NBC's Brian Williams on "Meet the Press."

McCain refused to list names on his short list, and said a decision will likely come in August. He did say that Rob Portman is part of "the next generation of leaders in our Republican Party in America, and he has earned a significant place in the future of the Republican Party." 
According to someone at the donor meeting, one Clinton donor asked Obama directly whether he was going to add her to the ticket as his vice presidential nominee. Even Sen. Clinton looked uncomfortable, gesturing to Obama to move on, which he did. 
CNBC's Larry Kudlow interviewed AK Gov. Sarah Palin (R). Asked about being John McCain's VP, she said she'd "like the opportunity to get to change his mind about ANWR." But beyond that: "I really enjoy my job here in Alaska as governor. I believe that there's a lot that Alaska could be and should be doing to contribute to the rest of the U.S. And I think I can do that in my job here in Alaska. And I know that, again, the other potential VPs are saying the same thing that they like where they are today. So I also have to say though that it's really probably out of the realm of possibility to be tapped for that position, so I don't even have to worry about it." She tells CNN she thinks it should be a governor on the ticket, but doesn't think it'll be her. But, she says she would like an opportunity to serve "on a national level." 
KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D) said Obama can absolutely win Kansas, or at least "he can do substantially better than other Democratic candidates have done." And deflecting VP talk, says: "I'll do whatever they want me to do, balancing my responsibilities in Kansas. I'm not unique in this. There are surrogates around the country doing the very same thing." The Denver Post profiles Sebelius and includes her VP answer. Sebelius attended a meeting of top Obama and Clinton donors in Denver. 

MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty will keynote the Connecticut Republican Party's Prescott Bush Dinner Friday night. 
New Republic's blog spots a report on Richardson's visit to Egypt, in which he said "he appreciated Egyptian and other Arab concerns over the situation in Iraq and the fate of the Arab-Israeli struggle." 
Arnold Schwarzenegger's spokesperson denied that he meant to criticize Crist on oil drilling. He said he disagrees with McCain and Crist because he "does not believe that we ought to look at new drilling offshore. … But on the specific issue on whether it's going to lower gas prices immediately, he was not referring to them with that comment."  
Time looks at "Charlie Crist's McCain problem." 
Analysts say LA Gov. Bobby Jindal's support for a bill that critics say is "a back-door attempt to replay old battles about including biblical creationism or intelligent design" may hurt him in national politics. 
USA Today profiles Caroline Kennedy's whose "bold political moves this year represent a significant departure for an author and philanthropist who has spent most of her life trying to duck the spotlight that has followed her since her tragically interrupted White House childhood."