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Everybody's working for the weekend...

From NBC's Mark Murray
Loverboy? Or John McCain?

Politico's Martin writes, "Since effectively capturing the Republican nomination when Mitt Romney dropped out of the race on Feb. 7, John McCain has held just one public campaign event on a weekend. Instead, after workweeks full of fundraisers, town hall meetings and interviews, McCain has been, in campaign parlance, 'down' on nearly every Saturday or Sunday for 20 weeks, largely sequestered away from the news media."

But: "That isn't to say McCain is kicking back and relaxing every weekend. He's hosted reporters and donors on separate occasions at his Arizona cabin, done a guest turn on 'Saturday Night Live' and visited troops in both Iraq and at Walter Reed hospital. Yet aside from an April rally on the steps of the courthouse in Prescott, Ariz., McCain has done little to capture media attention on weekends for nearly five months."