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Veepstakes update: Poppin' corks

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) celebrated the passage of the GI Bill of Rights.

Fred Thompson will attend a fundraiser for a Republican candidate for Virginia governor.

Hillary Clinton's two public appearances today included no hint of a role as his VP, though she did indicate she'd be actively campaigning for him.

In Denver, KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D) called VP speculation "flattering and a little surreal," but wouldn't say whether she'd accept. "The decision is his choice," she said. "I'm sure he'll make a great choice for the country."

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) is asked by a local newspaper in Minnesota if he's being considered for VP. "I have no indication of that. … There's just speculation -- and I think it is just speculation." He said he has not been asked to submit information for the running mate selection process, nor has he been interviewed as a possible vice presidential candidate. "I feel honored to have my named mentioned," he said.

On Fox News Channel this afternoon, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is asked if his signing a bill authorizing chemical castration of sex offenders hurts his chances of being tapped as VP. "I really don't care about the consequences of this politically," he said. 

WSJ released more excerpts from it's interview with Gov. Charlie Crist (R),  including his answer to whether he's interested in being VP. "No, I really don't. I'm enormously happy being governor of Florida -- I can't believe I'm governor of Florida. But I will do everything I can to help Sen. McCain because I think this is an awfully important election."

PA Gov. Ed Rendell (D) on "Morning Joe": "I'd be interested in helping elect Barack Obama president of the United States, but not as vice president. I've told you before, I'm a terrible number two guy."

Nancy Pelosi keeps talking up the idea of Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX) as Obama's VP. "He's one of the finest people that I have ever served with. … I think he would be a great addition to the ticket."

Former NJ Gov. and current Senate President Dick Codey thinks Wes Clark would be a good VP pick for Obama. "I don't think anyone connotes in his mind a five star general with a guy who's going to be on a laptop at Starbucks," he said.  

WSJ online adds Mitt Romney to it's VP profiles. "Romney's swift concession two days after the Super Tuesday primaries was met with disappointed cries at the Conservative Political Action Conference, but it earned him credit as a loyal party foot soldier."

Battle of the McCain endorsers? Arnold Schwarzenegger came to Crist's backyard, and roundly criticized him for oil drilling. Departing from prepared remarks, he said: "America is so addicted to oil that it will take years to ween ourselves from it. To look for new ways to feed our addiction is not the answer. Anyone who tells you this would bring down gas prices anytime soon is blowing smoke," he said. [*** UPDATE *** Schwarzenegger's office said the governors "do disagree" on offshore oil drilling, but that quote wasn't intended as a swipe at Crist.]

Club for Growth's "Veep Watch" blog looks at possible ramifications from Louisiana's legislative pay raise. Jindal has said he won't veto despite a promise to do so, and "it's possible this decision could come back to haunt him."