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Veepstakes: The Portman buzz

Salon takes a look at the potential of Rob Portman being picked by McCain. "Portman is getting some buzz, among the GOP governors and ex-governors who also pop up in the summer's political gossip. One Republican strategist grumbled that it's mostly Portman's buddies at the White House talking him up. 'I think that buzz is largely coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,' the strategist said. 'It's like a college radio station -- the further you get from campus, the more it dies down.'"

VIDEO: NBC News/National Journal reporter Mike Memoli discusses the Democratic and Republican veepstakes with MSNBC's Alex Witt.

"What might attract McCain to Portman is easy to see: He's conservative, but not a bomb-thrower on social issues. He's friendly with big business interests supportive of Republicans. His work in Congress and in the administration gives him valuable insight. 'Rob understands government to a degree and at a level that most people don't achieve without serving as vice president or president,' said Robert Paduchik, Bush's campaign manager in Ohio in 2004. 'Having worked on the Hill, having been the president's liaison there, having worked at USTR and OMB -- you really understand the nuts and bolts of how things happen in government with that kind of a résumé.'"

More from NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli… Obama talked about what he's looking for in a running mate. "I want somebody who can be a good president if anything happened to me. I want somebody who can be a good adviser and counsel to me and tell me where he or she thinks I'm wrong, not just on national security policy but on domestic policy as well." 
Hillary Clinton added a speech to the American Nurses Association to her schedule for today. She'll also speak at the NALEO Conference. These are her first two public speeches since withdrawing. Meanwhile Robert Barnett is working to hash out remaining issues between Obama and Clinton.     
FL Gov. Charlie Crist (R) "denied that the juxtaposition of his most unpopular environmental comments made last week with his most spectacular this week was staged." "It's not about politics at all." And he told Wall Street Journal that the U.S. Sugar/Everglades deal is his proudest achievement. "The enormity of it is hard to comprehend," he said. "We're talking about a tract of land that's almost 300 square miles, which if done right . . . will restore the natural flow of the river of grass. It's honoring God's work." Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Crist in Florida today.

Joe Lieberman said, if asked, he'd consider going to the Republican convention. 

Politico explores VA Gov. Tim Kaine's (D) potential, pointing to one attribute "that hasn't gotten so much attention: Tim Kaine speaks fluent Spanish."  

And the Wall Street Journal online profiles MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R). "When it comes to loyalty, McCain couldn't do much better. Pawlenty has backed the senator's presidential bid since late 2006, became his campaign's national co-chairman in January 2007 and stuck with the candidate even when his campaign was near collapse last summer."