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Color at the Mayflower

From NBC's Mark Murray
There are about 50 protestors outside the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue, where Clinton and Obama are to hold a meeting with fundraisers tonight.

Most of the protestors are from Code Pink and are protesting the Iraq war. Others are from Vote Both and there is one man with a sign that says Obama is bad for Israel. He is shouting, "Obama loves Hamas."

Big donors/names so far: Henry Cisneros, Haim Saban, Chung Seto, Julian Epstein, Betsy Ebeling.

All are walking through magnometers on the first floor -- the event is in one of those mini-ballrooms on the first floor. Dozens of folks have already passed the registration tables and walked through the magnometers.

About 150 to 200 people have gone through the magnometers. Will update with a better count later.

*** UPDATE *** Also spotted... Ellen Malcolm of Emily's List. It's 6:20pm and people are still walking in and Linda Douglass of the Obama campaign.

MSNBC just showed video of Clinton arriving.