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Veepstakes update: The geography

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli

Obama manager David Plouffe was asked if he thinks a VP candidate selection could help carry a state. "I don't think that's going to be a factor in selection," he said. He pointed to Al Gore and Dick Cheney as examples of not choosing based simply on electoral math.

Hillary Clinton spoke to members of the House today, for 10 minutes, "stressing the importance of electing more Democrats to Congress and Sen. Barack Obama to the White House." "I will do everything I can to ensure Sen. Obama is elected president," she said. "This was a very difficult campaign, let's be honest. It caused some heartburn…but we are a family. We are the Democratic Party, and we are on the same team. So let's go out and win in November," she concluded, to a standing ovation. 

KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D) predicted that Republicans would undertake "a major effort to try and frighten people about" Obama because of his race. "That has been the Republican playbook for the last eight years," said Sebelius. "'He's not qualified, he's somebody who should scare you. He's too liberal.'" She also refused to comment on VP speculation. 

FL Gov. Charlie Crist (R) "evoked President Kennedy's challenge to land on the moon and called for the same dedication and innovation" in tackling climate change. 

He also clarified his oil drilling stance, saying it would have to be "far enough, safe enough, and clean enough." 

Florida Democrats meanwhile wonder if Crist's Everglades announcement was more veep posturing. 

LA Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) released a statement saying he was "outraged" over the Supreme Court decision on child rape. "It is an affront to the people of Louisiana and the jury's unanimous decision in this case. … The Supreme Court is dead wrong." 

Retired Marine Gen. Jim Jones is appearing with Obama, after being on the plane with McCain.

Chris Dodd apologized for getting emotional about a hold up to the housing foreclosure bill. 

The Center for U.S. Global Engagement talks to Tom Ridge about the campaign.

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) was asked by Andrea Mitchell if he'd accept a VP offer, and said it's not something one turns down. "The answer to that is 'Yes,'" he said. He also hinted he's being vetted. "I can't talk about all that, as you can appreciate. Otherwise, I'd disqualify myself for consideration."

Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX) released a statement saying that he has not met with the Obama campaign regarding the VP nomination, adding: "I would not want to speculate on the names being considered." He said he was "humbled" that Nancy Pelosi floated his name.

Bill Richardson got the question on Fox & Friends. "I don't worry about stuff like that, because you guys know I love my job as governor, and I'm very happy here, and I just want to see Senator Obama get elected. That's what I'm trying to do. ... It'd be an honor, but I'm not seeking it. I've got plenty to do. I'm having a good time as governor."

In the LA Times/Bloomberg poll, Hillary Clinton has a 49/39 fav/unfav rating. Bill Clinton's was 52/36

The National Review, which endorsed Mitt Romney, has a list of unacceptable VP choices for McCain: Crist, Ridge, Mike Huckabee and Joe Lieberman.

A Dallas Morning News writer makes the case for and against Chet Edwards. On the plus side, he's a conservative Democrat from a red state, and is older but not "ancient." Also has a record in the field of military affairs. On the negative side, he's little known, and wouldn't likely help much in Texas. 

Huffington Post says Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) wowed Dem partisans at the Beverly Hills Hilton. 

Here's one vote for Sarah Palin