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The effect on Bill Clinton's legacy

NBC/NJ's Matthew Berger, writing for National Journal takes a look at what, if any, harm former President Bill Clinton has done to his legacy:

Hitting the road for his wife's presidential campaign this year, President Clinton largely walked away from the humanitarian work he had become known for since leaving office. Through his advocacy of HIV/AIDS treatment programs in Africa and environmental projects in the United States, Clinton had burnished his image, arguably becoming the most popular Democrat in America.

But with his no-holds-barred style of campaigning for Hillary Rodham Clinton--and of lashing out against the new media, the Democratic Party, and his wife's chief rival, Barack Obama--Clinton lost some of his luster, many observers say.

Some political insiders and the ex-president's associates, though, said they do not think his behavior during the primary season will leave a lasting stain on his reputation. That's especially true abroad, where he is almost universally praised for his good works, analysts say.