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Veep watch, PM edition

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli and Matthew E. Berger
"There was a little extra bounce in Gov. Tim Pawlenty's step" today, after his appearance with McCain last night. "Nobody has asked me for any information or to submit any information and I haven't talked to Sen. McCain about it or anyone from his campaign about it," Pawlenty said of the VP question. He added that he and McCain did spend some private time together, chatting about "sports, movies, politics and policy, family." 

VIDEO: CNBC's John Harwood and NBC's Andrea Mitchell discuss potential running mates for Barack Obama and John McCain with NBC's Brian Williams on "Meet the Press."

-- Hillary Clinton will speak in DC next Thursday at the Latino Political Leadership Conference, which the organization says will be her "first major political appearance" after suspending her campaign. It comes one day before she is scheduled to join Obama on the trail.
-- Bill Richardson will be honored by the group with the Award for Outstanding Public Service.
Obama's meeting with 16 Democratic governors on the economy included several veep candidates, including: Ted Strickland (OH), Kathleen Sebelius (KS), Edward Rendell (PA), Janet Napolitano (AZ.), and Richardson.
-- Mike Huckabee again is calling on Republicans to take the high-brow approach, taking on Obama based on his ideas. "Elections ought to be about elevating the best ideas and exposing the worst ones—not engaging in character assassination with half truths, innuendoes, and disputable 'internet facts,'" Huck writes at his blog
Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA) tells the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star that there is "no circumstance" under which he'd leave office early to serve in Obama's Cabinet, but he didn't rule out serving as VP if asked. "I'd have a tough choice to make," he says. Here's the video.

The St. Pete Times delves into how Gov. Charlie Crist's (R-FL) drilling about-face may be tied to VP hopes. In a phone interview, Crist says he believes most Floridians agree with him on at least studying the need for drilling, and discounted the McCain connection as a factor as well. "I'm not going to advocate anything that would hurt Florida," Crist said. "I'm not going to do it." 

Charlie Crist gets the 10 questions treatment this Sunday in the New York Times magazine, according to Huffington Post, and the questions get a bit personal. 

The Wall Street Journal also spotlights Crist.

Clinton and Huckabee are favorites among the Facebook crowd
National Journal's cover story deals with the vetting process.

It's the economy, Crist: Florida's unemployment rate is up 10 percent. 
A day after looking at why Pawlenty would be a good veep pick for McCain, Chris Cillizza now makes the argument against him, arguing he's virtually unknown on the national stage and has done little to raise his profile. 

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is urged to veto a bill that would open the door to teaching creationism in Louisiana. "Veto this bill, Gov. Jindal, or explain to Louisiana taxpayers the pointless waste of public money that will inevitably ensue from your signing it." 
Joe Biden supporters got an email from Valerie Biden Owens updating them on her brother's doings, including a note on Elizabeth Edwards, whose New York Times op-ed "praised Joe and his presidential campaign."

Will Bill Clinton join Hillary and Obama next week?