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Is it Barack Obama's party now?

From NBC's Chuck Todd
It's not even 8am and the Marriott Wardman Park hotel is buzzing with anticipation. At a minimum, today's DNC Rules and Bylaws committee will finally put a period on the saga that has been the Florida-Michigan delegate dispute or as my friends at The Hotline call simply call it: Flor-igan. (As my former HotlineTV partner in crime John Mercurio might admit, though, Flor-igan is no Flohpa, which was Hotline's pet name in '04 for the final 3 battleground states -- FL, OH and PA -- but I digress.)

The posts of First Read have been filled with scenarios and speculation and we'd like to think we've given you all the tools you need today to watch the rulings unfold on live TV (thank you MSNBC!). Go crazy with your own delegate scenarios and please share them with us in the comments section.

But we should step back contemplate one giant fact about today's event: it could be the final piece of evidence for the political world that the Clintons no longer control the Democratic Party. It's actually something many of us realized some time ago but it probably hasn't sunk in yet for Joe and Jane Democrat.

But we are likely to leave this hotel today all realizing that this is Barack Obama's party now. Any ruling that doesn't net Clinton more than 20 delegates and doesn't acknowledge the popular vote results in both Florida and Michigan is going to be seen as favorable to Obama. And all evidence is pointing to a ruling today that ends up favoring Obama.