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Quote of the day

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
"My momma taught me to play by the rules and respect those rules. My mother taught me, and I'm sure your mother taught you, that when you decide to change the rules, middle of the game, end of the game, that is referred to as cheatin.'" -- Donna Brazile to former Michigan Gov. Jim Blanchard, who was making the case for the Clinton campaign to get 73 delegates out of Michigan with 55 for uncommitted.

Blanchard responded that he agreed, and that "Hillary Clinton did play by the rules." He added that, "She even went along with the pledge not to campaign there."

Of note, when Harold Ickes was yielded time to speak, he said he wanted to comment on what Bonior said, who presented for Obama, committee co-chair James Roosevelt told Ickes the time was for question and answer and that if he didn't have a question, he wouldn't let him speak.