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Obama camp calls for half votes

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The Obama campaign called for half votes from Florida according to the primary vote. That would net Clinton 19 pledged delegates, something congressman Robert Wexler called a "concession."

When asked by top Clinton aide Harold Ickes, also a member of the rules committee, how that would be a "concession," Wexler shot back, pointing out passionately that those are the same number of delegates Clinton netted out of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Wexler called for support of the Ausman proposal, at least in part. The Ausman challenge would halve the pledged votes but give superdelegates full votes. Wexler called for superdelegates to also get half votes.

Wexler said the Obama campaign would like to move on in the interest of party unity. But Wexler was questioned by Clinton supporter Alice Huffman pressed Wexler on why Obama camp won't support full votes. He demurred.   

It appears Clinton camp has the support for potentially full votes by the primary voting from at least (and possibly only) four members -- Ickes, Hartina Flournoy (who also pressed Wexler on supporting full votes), Elaine Kamarck as well as Huffman. Kamarck argued on Michigan, in fact, that "uncommitted" is a candidate and delegates for uncommitted should be apportioned to uncommitted.

Allan Katz, wearing an Obama lapel pin, has emerged today as a leading voice for Obama on the rules committee. Also speaking up seemingly in support of Obama were Obama supporter Mark Hines and undeclared rules committee member and DNC Secretary Alice Germond.

*** UPDATE *** NBC's Doug Adams adds that at a press conference after Florida made its case, the Florida delegation acknowledged it would accept pledged and superdelegates being given half a vote, and they, including Ausman himself, welcomed Obama's "concession." But State Sen. Arthenia Joyner continued to insist that the Clinton campaign wants full votes for the Florida delegation.