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Rules committee reaches deal

From NBC's Chuck Todd and Domenico Montanaro
The rules committee has come to an agreement on both Michigan and Florida, a rules committee member confirms to First Read. Florida was not a problem during the luncheon meeting, but Michigan was an all together different story.

It looked as if the agreement they were going to come to was going to pass by a razor-thin, one or two person, majority, but they went back because they didn't want that. They wanted a closer show of unaninimity. The rules member is confident 20 or 21 will vote in favor of the agreement, but pro-Clinton members will argue heavily in favor of a hard line regardless.

The deal reached, NBC NEWS has learned, is a 69-59 split with half votes in Michigan. Obama will be guaranteed the two add-on superdelegates. NBC NEWS has not confirmed if the superdelegates will get half or full votes.

Florida will be split by the primary vote and votes will count for half.