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Obama camp: Split Michigan 50-50

From NBC's Mark Murray
David Bonior, a former Michigan congressman who was Edwards' campaign manager and later endorsed Obama, gave the Obama campaign's presentation on Michigan.

He argued that the campaign wants Michigan's delegation seated at the Democratic convention (and is open to penalizing it by giving each delegate half a vote). But he maintained that the delegate allocation should be 50-50 between Clinton and Obama. "This was not a normal primary election, and it did not produce a fair reflection of voters' preference," he said.

Again, that presentation produced tough questions from Clinton backers on the panel. Elizabeth Smith of DC said she was "puzzled" why Obama and Edwards took their names off the ballot. Bonior replied, "We were following the path based by this committee -- that this would not count."

And Mame Reiley of Virginia said she could be persuaded to awarding Obama Michigan's "Uncommitted" vote -- but not giving him 50% of the delegates. Reiley added that it was important to respect "the integrity of the voters."

Bonior responded: What about respecting the integrity of those who didn't vote?