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Behind the scenes

From NBC's Chuck Todd
It's informed speculation, but there is some buzz circulating that the Clinton forces on the Rules committee right now are attempting to convince a majority of the members of the committee to punt the decision on Michigan to the Credentials Committee.

However, there doesn't seem to be a majority on the committee to support the idea of NOT coming to a resolution on Michigan. Florida seems to be a done deal with a small dispute as to whether Superdelegates can be halved or not. But with Michigan, there is just no consensus on the simple issue of whether that state's January result should have any bearing on the allocation of delegates. And without that and with Clinton folks adamant that a 50-50 even split is unacceptable, the state party's 69-59 plan might actually accepted by the rules committee. This is something the Obama campaign isn't happy about at all but they may take it, according to one source, if the Rules Committee makes it crystal clear the January results didn't count, period.

Again, this is informed buzz and, well, anything can still happen; expect a heated debate when the re-convene publicly.