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Flor-igan: Previewing the meeting

There are 30 members of the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee, and here's the breakdown: 13 back Clinton, eight support Obama, and nine are uncommitted, including the two co-chairs, Alexis Herman VA and James Roosevelt. A majority vote of those present is needed to pass a resolution or judgment.
CLINTON (13): Hartina Flournoy  DC; Donald L. Fowler SC; Jaime Gonzalez, Jr. TX; Alice A. Huffman CA; Harold Ickes DC; Ben Johnson DC; Elaine C. Kamarck MA; Eric Kleinfeld DC; Mona Pasquil CA; Mame Reiley VA; Garry S. Shay CA; Elizabeth M. Smith DC; and Michael Steed MD.
OBAMA (8): Martha Fuller Clark NH; Carol Khare Fowler SC; Janice Griffin MD; Thomas C. Hynes IL; Allan Katz FL; Sharon Stroschein SD; Sarah Swisher IA; and Everett Ward NC.
UNCOMMITTED in addition to Herman and Roosevelt (7): Donna Brazile DC; Mark Brewer MI; Ralph Dawson NY; Yvonne Atkinson Gates NV; Alice Germond WV; David T. McDonald WA; and Jerome Wiley Segovia VA.

Here are the results of the earlier contests:
MICHIGAN: (Jan. 15): 157 total: 128 pledged, 29 supers
55% Clinton (translates to 73 delegates)
40% Uncommitted  (55 delegates)
FLORIDA: (Jan. 29): 211 total: 185 pledged, 26 supers
50% Clinton  (105 delegates)
33 % Obama (67 delegates)
14% Edwards (14 delegates -- 9 of these have pledged to vote for Obama)

The Los Angeles Times has a good primer on the issues at stake this weekend, saying that there are two issues before the Rules committee. "The first involves whether to seat 368 delegates from the renegade states along with 49 superdelegates, and if so, how. Party legal experts issued a memo this week advising that, under party rules, committee members can restore no more than half of the states' convention delegates. So if the panel decided to recognize Florida and Michigan, it could allow the states to send half of their delegates to the convention. Or it could seat all of the delegates and give each half a vote. The second -- and far trickier -- issue is how to divvy up those delegates between Clinton and Obama."

Will Clinton supporters hurt their cause if their protest gets out of hand tomorrow? "Among the scheduled speakers at the rally are Clinton fundraiser Elizabeth Bagley; two members of Congress who back the New York senator, Reps. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio and Corrine Brown of Florida; and Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. Her group's political action committee has endorsed Clinton."

Obama's chief Michigan supporter claims Obama supports a full seating of Florida and Michigan -- just wanting a split that's not based on the January vote. "The Obama campaign supports seating the Florida and Michigan delegations in full, Obama's Michigan campaign director Michael Simon told me. A Democratic National Committee (DNC) memo indicates only half the delegates can be seated, but it might be possible for the entire delegations to go and their votes be worth half. 'That is not an acceptable solution. We'll be pretty disappointed if they're docked by half, but Barack Obama is not the nominee yet,' Simon said. 'That's something that he will work swiftly to prevent when he is the nominee.'"