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Veepstakes: Nunn and Biden in the news

Potential Obama short-lister Sam Nunn, pens one-half of a New York Times op-ed with Indiana GOP Sen. Dick Lugar. The lead of the New York Times op-ed praises McCain for his comments about working with Russia to prevent the spread of nukes.

The Washington Times reports that Joe Biden "yesterday said his one-time presidential rival Sen. Barack Obama has asked him to 'play a more prominent' and 'deeply involved' role in his campaign, a signal the likely Democratic nominee is looking to burnish his foreign-policy credentials that Republicans are attacking. Mr. Biden stopped short of endorsing Mr. Obama, but predicted the Illinois senator is likely to emerge as the nominee after the last contests on Tuesday. He also took a few swipes at presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain."

"'He has asked me to play a more prominent role – not in an administration, in the campaign – meaning would I be more available, would I travel with him occasionally, and I said once he gets the nomination, if he gets the nomination, then I'll do whatever he wants,' Mr. Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told The Washington Times yesterday in an interview. 'I'll do whatever he asks me to do.'"