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Pelosi wants race decided

From NBC's Andrea Mitchell and Lauren Appelbaum
After helping out at a food bank today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reasserted her opinion that the Democratic nominee must be determined well before the convention, calling it a "scorched-Earth approach" if the party waited until then.
"I admire the enthusiasm of those who want to take this to the limit," Pelosi said in San Francisco. "I think if we take this to the convention, then we'll harm our chances to win in November. And I think their enthusiasm is wonderful for them; it's a luxury I can't afford."
When asked if Clinton would take the Michigan and Florida issue to the Credentials Committee at the convention, Pelosi said it would be "unfortunate" if that would be the case, but she said she is confident that would not be the case.
Pelosi also stressed the importance of pledged delegates.

"When my colleagues asked me six months ago, when I was saying, when Sen. Clinton was ahead, I think it would be harmful to the party if the superdelegates were to overturn the elected delegate decision. Well, Sen. Clinton was ahead then and everybody thought she would be the inevitable winner. It was OK then; it should be OK now."
Pelosi's overall message was not simply that the nominee had to be decided sooner rather for the nominee's chances of winning but also for the party's sake in general.

"We all have to come together because the American people have to know that the Democratic Party can run its own delegate selection process if they want to know that we can govern America," she said.