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A potential compromise

From NBC's Chuck Todd
I have hesitated reporting on every rumor we've heard about a potential compromise in the Florida-Michigan delegate dispute, but there's one plan circulating that seems to be gaining momentum.

This plan would halve the votes for all of the Florida delegates, netting Clinton 19 and, more importantly, counting that popular vote. But Michigan's primary results would not be accepted and, instead, that state's delegates would simply be split 50-50 between Clinton and Obama.

All of the delegations, under this compromise, would be seated in full, but each delegate's vote would be counted as 0.5, including the superdelegates.
Again, this is just one rumored plan, but it's gaining enough support with some that I figured it was worth reporting. Who knows, by tonight, a new compromise plan will become the plan du jour, but for now, get familiar with this idea.

By the way, should this compromise pass, it would mean the new magic number for nomination would be 2,118.