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The RNC's Obama gaffe list

From NBC's Mark Murray
Earlier this morning, pegged to Obama's Auschwitz gaffe, we listed some of Obama's other minor misstatements (saying that JFK had helped bring his father to the US; confusing Sioux City with Sioux Falls; calling Sunrise, FL Sunshine, FL; etc.)

Well, the Republican National Committee has released its own Obama gaffe list, which also includes:
-- Obama's claim that the 1965 Selma march brought his parents together (when Obama had been born four years before the march)
-- His boast that he helped pass legislation regulating the nuclear industry (when that legislation didn't pass the full Senate).

Again, these are minor misstatements. But it's clear that the RNC is trying to build the case that Obama is a gaffe-prone candidate. Of course, the downside to that strategy is that it gives your own candidate -- McCain -- little room for error, too.