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The general: Exit polls aren't crystal balls

The AP looks at the fight between Obama and McCain among key demo groups, and notes that Obama is competitive among many of the groups the CW says he'll lose. "Polls this month show the Illinois senator leading McCain among women, running even with him among Catholics and suburbanites and trailing him with people over age 65. Results vary by poll for those without college degrees. And though Obama trails decisively with a group that has shunned him against Clinton—whites who have not completed college—he's doing about the same with them as the past two Democratic presidential candidates."

The New York Times examines the judicial-appointment philosophies of Obama and McCain.

NEVADA (5 EVs): The Las Vegas Sun's Jon Ralston curtain-raises McCain's visit to Nevada by writing a column on the history of McCain's support for Yucca mountain. Ralston notes that despite a pledge McCain made yesterday about never opening Yucca, the evidence of the last few years indicates differently. Ralson adds, though, that Yucca is not the voting issue for as many Nevadans as some might think -- or Bush would not have won the state in 2004.