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Rendell wants Clinton on ticket

From NBC's Brian Mooar
Pennsylvania Gov. and top Clinton backer Ed Rendell says he believes Obama is considering her as running mate, and Hillary should take it -- if she doesn't win.

He was asked the question in Arlington, Va., at the end of a news conference on the home foreclosure crisis.

Q: Should Hillary take the VP slot?
RENDELL: [laughter]

Q: You referenced Doris Kearns Goodwin's book.
RENDELL: Yeah (laughs)

Q: Was that a hint?
RENDELL: Yeah -- I think so. I've said it before. I think when Sen. Obama was asked the question, he went out of his way to mention "Team of Rivals," and if you read that book, Lincoln did a great thing by bringing his strongest rivals, who were the most competent people in America, into the government. I don't think he said it -- I know Sen. Obama -- He doesn't say anything by accident.

Q: Do you think she should take it?
RENDELL: I do -- if she doesn't win the nomination. Watch Puerto Rico, and watch South Dakota.