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The day in delegates, super switch

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Obama won a superdelegate switch, the campaign confirms. AP first reported that Virginia's Jennifer McClellan had switched her support from Clinton to Obama.

The day in delegates: Obama 4, Clinton 1
This is the fourth superdelegate endorsement Obama has won today. Clinton has netted one: She lost McClellan, but won the endorsements of Rep. Heath Shuler (NC-11), who said he'd back who won his district. NBC's Mike Viqueira reports Rep. Brad Ellsworth (IN-8) is also backing Clinton, since she won his district last night as well.

The Delegate Counts:
PLEDGED: Obama 1,588-1,422
SUPERDELEGATES: Clinton 273.5-260
OVERALL: 1,848-1.695.5

* Obama is 177 from the Magic Number of 2,025
* There are 261.5 undeclared superdelegates.

*** UPDATE *** For those asking or wondering, George McGovern is not a superdelegate.

*** UPDATE 2 *** Ellsworth's office sends along this distinction: "I stand by my belief the American people, not superdelegates, should decide who the Democrat nominee will be, and I was glad to see record numbers of Hoosiers getting involved and casting their votes in this historic race," Ellsworth writes in a statement, "If it comes down to the convention, I will cast my vote for the candidate 8th District voters chose unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise."