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Why Indiana has closed

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
At one point in the evening, Clinton held a double-digit lead in Indiana, but that was without Marion County where Indianapolis is. As the 170,000-plus votes in Marion county came trickling in, Clinton's lead dropped and dropped and dropped -- to the point where now the New York senator's lead stands at 4 percentage points or about 39,000 votes. Obama's Marion advantage (67%-33%) won't likely cut much more into the lead, and there are still portions of Clinton counties still out. But there is still the entire county of Lake (about 400,000 population), which contains Gary, Ind., a 100,000-person town in the Chicago media market with an 84% black population.

Clinton, however, has done very well, 58%-42%, in neighboring Porter County -- also in the Chicago media market. Porter is 95% white. Did the heavy local coverage of Wright have an effect here?

Also out, however, still is Monroe County where Bloomington is. Bloomington is home to Indiana University, somewhere that should be an Obama stronghold. There's only 24% out in Monroe.

It's not clear there are enough votes available for Obama to actually overtake Clinton, but it might be right around that Chuck Todd Vegas field goal. Any bets?