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Down the ballot: Dems win in LA

The New York Times: "The Democratic victory in a special House election in Louisiana this weekend was interpreted by leading Democrats on Sunday as a sign that Republicans would fail in their efforts to damage Congressional candidates by tying them to national figures and presidential contenders. Party officials said the victory by Don Cazayoux in a Baton Rouge-area district over the Republican candidate, Woody Jenkins, showed that the economy and other concerns remained more important to voters than whether Mr. Cazayoux (pronounced KAZH-oo) would be an ally of Senator Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker. The election marked the second time this year that Democrats have taken over a seat in a Republican stronghold." 

"Even as Democrats rejoiced Sunday at having snatched a Louisiana congressional seat long held by Republicans, observers warned it doesn't necessarily mean voters are spurning the GOP. And the victor's hold on the seat could be shaky, one analyst said" of Don Cazayoux's victory in Louisiana. "Democrats have a hard time winning in Louisiana, except when Woody runs," said Bernie Pinsonat of Southern Media and Opinion Research. "I think Cazayoux got the only Republican opponent he could have beaten."
Woody Jenkins, whom Cazayoux defeated, is a "solid Christian conservative," but "is a polarizing figure known for displaying plastic fetuses to gain attention to his strong anti-abortion stance."