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The hardest working man in politics?

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann and NBC's Mark Murray
How hard is Bill Clinton working today?

The former president starts the day in the area around Asheville, NC, where he'll attend church with undecided superdelegate Rep. Health Shuler (D) before doing six campaign stops. That's (conservatively) 12 hours on the job, about six of which will be his own speaking -- his speech runs about 55 minutes nowadays.

His motorcade will travel about 200 miles today.
By the end of the day, his total tally of public appearances in North Carolina will be 43. By contrast, his wife has done 20. Obama clocks in at a paltry dozen.

Tomorrow's schedule makes today's look downright unimpressive -- a whopping nine events in the Tar Heel State. He'll fly for a few legs of the trip, but told, it's about 470 miles of travel.