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HRC reminisces; tries to identify with NC

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
RALEIGH, N.C. -- Hillary Clinton, her voice fading at the end of
a long day yesterday in the Tar Heel State, waxed nostalgic about her
family's political past as she looked toward another do-or-die primary

Saying she was "39 points behind" in North Carolina when the campaign
started here, the New York senator said they've made progress, but, "We
have a long way to go just to kind of get within the ballpark."

"I've lost track of how many towns we've been to," she said of herself,
Bill and Chelsea's efforts. "I'm telling you, my husband is going to
visit every place where two or more people gather in North Carolina
before Tuesday."

Close, actually. The former president actually has nine events on
Monday. "This makes him feel like we're back in Arkansas, where we
campaigned across Arkansas all the time," she said.

The rally in a field, with a few hundred people on hand, had a very
relaxed feel. And Clinton herself opened up, comparing her current race
to her husband's bid for a comeback after losing a re-election bid for

"We had a friend of ours to drive us around, and it was our friend and Chelsea and Bill and me in this old car," she said. "We just drove all over, and it was springtime like it is right now. And it was just an absolutely magical time, because we were out there and listening and talking to people, you know? Doing what we loved to do most, which is to really understand what's on your minds, because we want to be the people who help you fulfill your own dreams, and your children to live to your God-given potential.

"So what we have done all of our lives, is to really take the blessings we're given and to try to put them to work for people who need a helping hand, people who can do better if they're just given a little bit of support. And it is exactly what we need from a president again."

Clinton gets right back on the trail tomorrow with four events in North Carolina, followed by a rally in Indianapolis tomorrow night featuring John Mellencamp, whose songs have become a staple of her campaign playlist.