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Obama appears to have won Guam

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Obama appears to have won the Guam caucus by the slimmest of margins -- 50.1%-49.9% -- over Clinton, report the Guam Pacific Daily News and KUAM-TV.

KUAM-TV: "Even the Kentucky Derby wasn't this close. In the strangest of circumstances that could only bring about the closest of races, Hillary Rodham Clinton finished with 49.9% of the vote of the Guam Democratic Caucus, just 7 votes shy of Barack Obama's total of 50.1%. While Obama led for the vast majority of the night's tallying, Clinton needed a strong finish in the municipality of Dededo, Guam's most populous village. And she did - gaining 61% of the 822 votes counted by the Democratic Party of Guam."

The Pacific Daily News: "When all of the ballots were finally counted -- a process that lasted
through the night until well after the sun was up -- Sen. Barack Obama
had the most votes from Guam Democrats in the party's caucus held

Obama appears to have won 14 of 21 districts. There no telling just yet what the delegate breakdown will be. It could be a 2-2 split, but may not necessarily be, since Guam is actually electing half delegates -- eight for four.