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Obama leads in Guam

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
With 86% of the vote in, Obama leads 53%-47% in the Pacific Island territory of Guam. This spread virtually guarantees a 2-2 delegate split of the island's four pledged delegates. The winner of the contest could have an influence on the five superdelegates, however.

Neither candidate has visited Guam, but both have run ads. Obama, when talking of Guam, has stressed his island upbringing. Just last night, Clinton, in an interview with a Guam news station, promised to push for Guam to count in presidential election voting.

*** UPDATE *** With 95% reporting, the count is unchanged, 53%-47% -- Obama.

For the REAL hard-core junkies, check out this report by the Pacific Daily News in Guam. It reports that there is one precinct left to vote, Dededo, the island's most populous village. And Clinton needs 204 votes more than Obama there to overtake him or he's the winner.

Here's a breakdown of the voting: "Obama got 37 votes in Ordot, 19 in Maina, 151 in Inarajan, 46 in Asan,
55 in Chalan Pago, 87 in Santa Rita, 102 in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, 28 in
Hagåtña, 158 in Barrigada, 36 in Merizo, 49 in Piti, 131 in Sinajana,
108 in Agana Heights, 194 in Sinajana, 192 in Tamuning, 27 in Umatac,
76 in Talofofo, 224 in Yigo, 104 in Yona and 127 in Agat for a total of
1,951 votes.

"Sen. Hillary Clinton took 18 votes in Ordot, 22 in
Maina, 87 in Inarajan, 33 in Asan, 87 in Chalan Pago, 73 in Santa Rita,
81 in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, 29 votes in Hagåtña, 166 in Barrigada, 33 in
Merizo, 51 in Piti, 89 in Sinajana, 105 in Agana Heights, 155 in
Mangilao, 193 in Tamuning, 24 in Umatac, 52 in Talofofo, 211 in Yigo,
98 in Yona and 141 in Agat for a total of 1,748 votes."

(In Guam, it is now 6:40 a.m. as of the time of this posting)