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The day in delegates

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The Delegate Counts:

NBC NEWS allocated two more pledged delegates for Clinton in Pennsylvania, bringing her total there to 85-73 over Obama. (It's worth pointing out that the now famous -- and mostly very accurate -- leaked Obama campaign delegate projection chart estimated an 83-75 split.)

The Day in Superdelegates: Clinton 1, Obama 1
Heading into the weekend, here's a quick recap of today's superdelegate announcements, as the slow crawl to this Democratic nomination and the magic number of 2,025 to clinch continues on.

* Clinton added, a short time ago, the support of Texas DNC Member Jaime A. Gonzalez Jr., an attorney. "I am supporting Hillary Clinton because I am convinced that she is the best choice for President," Gonzalez said, per a campaign release. "She has shown the leadership qualities that we need to win the presidency in the general election and give Democrats a victory in November."

* Obama's campaign this morning unveiled the support of former DNC Chairman Paul Kirk. (Despite a Clinton campaign e-mail suggesting Kirk was not new, Kirk never officially endorsed a candidate, and was therefore new in our count.)

More Fun with Numbers:
* There are 272 undeclared superdelegates.
* Since Pennsylvania, Obama has picked up 13 supers to Clinton's 11.
* Since Super Tuesday, Feb. 5: It's Obama +80, Clinton +13.
* Since Junior Super Tuesday, March 4: It's Obama +37, Clinton +20.

* Also note, with the Illinois state convention over the weekend, Obama is slated to pick up the three superdelegate add-ons from the state: Chicago Mayor Richard Daley; Illinois House Maj. Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, who lives in Obama's Hyde Park neighborhood, per the Chicago Sun-Times; and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger. Since these have not been officially appointed yet (they will be by Monday), the NBC News Political Unit has not added them to the count as yet.