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Obama comes out swinging on gas taxes

From NBC's Mark Murray
At a media avail in Indiana today, Obama -- playing the outsider card -- criticized the Clinton's and McCain's plan for a gas-tax holiday. "Now, the two Washington candidates in the race have been attacking me because I don't support their idea," he said today, per advanced remarks. "In fact, yesterday Senator Clinton demanded that everyone go on the record on this issue. She even borrowed one of President Bush's favorite phrases, and said that every member of Congress had to tell her -- 'are they with us or against us?'"

"Well, folks have been weighing in. And you know what? It turns out that people want to be on the side of the American people -- they don't want to be for something that is such an obvious election year gimmick; they don't want to line up behind an idea that's more about trying to get a few votes than getting you meaningful relief."

More: "Senator Clinton does have some support for her plan in Congress. After all, the person who first proposed it was John McCain. So I guess when she says 'are you with us or against us' -- Senator Clinton is referring to her and John McCain. That's one vote she's got, because on this issue, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are reading from the same political playbook."

Also, here's a new TV on this subject the Obama campaign is airing in Indiana:

*** UPDATE *** Clinton spokesman Phil Singer emails this respose: "The choice is simple: Senator Obama wants the American people to pay the gas tax this summer but Senator Clinton thinks Big Oil should. The Clinton gas tax holiday is financed exclusively through a tax on windfall profits from oil companies and keeps the Highway Transportation Trust fund intact."