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Clinton: Bill's rural strategy

This Bill Clinton strategy of going to every small little town they can set up in has been quietly paying dividends for the Clinton campaign. "While Bill Clinton's gaffes have been frequently spotlighted in the national media, he appears to be building good will among rural voters, who are vital to keeping his wife's campaign alive. And although Clinton's rock star appeal may have faded since his own candidate days, the 11 small communities he visited in North Carolina this week were thrilled to have a political celebrity in their midst."

More: "Sporting a well-tailored suit and arriving in a chauffeured black car, Bill Clinton is quietly working to win over small-town crowds with a populist message: Don't diss Wal-Mart shoppers. At one of a dizzying series of appearances this week on his wife's behalf in rural North Carolina, the former president scoffed at an unnamed 'snooty' columnist who had poked fun at his wooing of ordinary working folk. 'They think we're dumber than we are,' Clinton said from the front porch of a local museum, drawing hoots from the crowd. 'I grew up in a place like this. I know people here are as smart as anywhere else. They haven't figured that out yet,' Clinton said of the political and media establishment."

The New York Daily News: "Hillary Clinton's blue-collar campaign tour hit a bump in the road the other day when a gas station coffee machine got in her way. Videos of her struggle to fill a cup with French vanilla cappuccino had more than 430,000 hits on YouTube as of Thursday evening."