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McCain: Iraq war was for oil?

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
At the conclusion of a town hall held this morning outside in Denver, McCain decided to toss in a plug for his upcoming energy policy rollout. But in the midst of decrying the dangers of Americans reliance on foreign oil, McCain seemed to suggest that this reliance caused the current struggle in Iraq.
"My friends, I will have an energy policy that we will be talking about, which will eliminate our dependence on oil from the Middle East that will -- that will then prevent us -- that will prevent us from having ever to send our young men and women into conflict again in the Middle East," McCain said.
This comment was initially prompted by a compliment from a military veteran, who stated he hoped a group called, "Swift Boats for McCain come out and help" the GOP nominee, somehow leading McCain to go into an unprompted defense of the current attack campaign against him -- based on his 100-year statement.
"You have seen an ad campaign that is mounted against me that says I wanted to stay and fight in Iraq for a 100 years," McCain said to a crowd at a Jewish Community Center. "My friends, it's a direct falsification, and I'm sorry that political campaigns have to deteriorate in this fashion, because there's legitimate differences between myself and Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton on what we should do in Iraq. After we win the war in Iraq ... then I'm talking about a security arrangement that may or may not be the same kind of thing we have with South -- with Korea."
McCain thanked the man for his good wishes and his service in the military.