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Obama makes his Kentucky Derby picks

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
INDIANAPOLIS -- Obama made his top three picks for the Kentucky Derby this morning, choosing Colonel John -- the horse he joked about on Letterman last night -- to come in first.
"We are working tirelessly to get the endorsement of Kentucky Derby favorite Colonel John," the senator said in his Top 10 list last night.
Obama's second choice, Pyro, is weighty with potential political metaphor. The young upstart has been the two-year-old championship and was widely considered to be the Derby favorite up until just a few weeks ago, when it stumbled out of the gate. The horse had a disappointing finish in the Blue Grass Stakes, and his chances have been downgraded by some oddsmakers.
The horse he picked to come in third, Big Brown, is a Louisville-based horse named after UPS, the area's largest employer. The horse is considered a favorite.

Yesterday, Clinton urged people to bet on the one filly in the race, Eight Belles.