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Obama up seven in NC

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The second poll today is out showing Obama up just seven points in North Carolina, down from his double-digit leads leading up to the primary. (Mason-Dixon was the other).

A Research 2000 poll shows Obama with a 51%-44% lead. (The Mason-Dixon poll did not show him breaking 50%.) Just 3% said they were undecided. Looking inside the poll, Obama's lead is buffeted by his support among men, 56%-38% and is virtually tied among women, trailing 49%-47%.

Obama gets 30% of the white vote (66%-30%), higher than he got in South Carolina and other southern states, per exit polls. And he pulls similar figures among blacks as he has in other states, 88%-5%. The poll also indicates Obama needs to have a large turnout among younger voters. He gets trounced with the over-60 crowd, 59%-35%. He is virtually tied with the 45-49 group, 50%-46% for Clinton. He leads by wide margins with the under-50 groups: 30-44 (55%-40%); 18-29 (67%-29%).