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Clinton picks up four NY supers

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Clinton picked up four more New York superdelegates--all add-ons named at the state's convention, taking place today.

Clinton, a senator from New York, has gotten the vast majority of New York's superdelegate total, buffeting her superdelegate lead, as, of course, New York is one of the most Democratic states in the country. (States get more delegates based, in part, on past presidential voting preference as well as size.) Clinton has picked up 45 New York superdelegates to Obama's one. Three NY superdelegates are undeclared, by our count.

Obama, as we've noted, is likely to pick up the three Illinois superdelegate add-ons by Monday, after they are officially named at this weekend's Illinois state convention.

There are almost 60 add-ons from various states, who have yet to be named and will likely declare their endorsements after they are appointed at state conventions. Those included, there are 276 undeclared superdelegates overall.

The New York superdelegate add-ons are: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (former Gov. Mario Cuomo's son), former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and New York Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo.

SUPERDELEGATES: Clinton 272-249
PLEDGED: Obama 1,490-1,334
OVERALL: 1,739-1,606

With these four from NY (but not including those from IL), since PA, the count is Obama 12, Clinton 10.