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Dem supers demand end to Iraq war

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
On the fifth anniversary of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" aircraft carrier landing, antiwar superdelegates -- supporting Clinton, Obama, or who remain uncommitted -- held a conference call with reporters calling for language to be adopted at August's Democratic convention for ending the Iraq war.

On the conference call, sponsored by the left-leaning group Win Without War, these superdelegates said their purpose is to ensure neither Democratic candidate -- should he/she win the presidency -- wavers on their support for ending the Iraq war fully. Rep. Barbara Lee, an Obama supporter, stressed the importance of the grassroots effort on the part of Democrats to show their support for the presidential candidates' plans to end the war.

"We need to make sure there isn't any fuzzy language," Rep. Jim McGovern, a Clinton supporter, added. "We have to demonstrate the Democratic Party gets it."

The campaign hopes to get more superdelegates to sign a petition for the Democratic National Platform to include a full withdrawal from Iraq with no permanent military bases behind; negotiations in the Middle East, including with the Iranian government, per recommendations by the Iraq Study Group, and an end to torture and closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison.

And in one sign that at least some Democrats are starting to come together, Rep. Lynn Woolsey -- a Clinton supporter -- said on the call she now also believes Obama will be able to successfully end the Iraq War. "From the beginning, I had full confidence in Hillary Clinton's commitment and strength to bring troops home," she said." Over time, I am also gaining confidence that Barack Obama will be able to do the same with the experience that he will gain."