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McCain: Gas tax holiday not 'panacea'

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- After admitting that his gas tax holiday was not a "panacea," saying that it will not address America's reliance on foreign oil and calling it a "a nice little break for Americans," McCain once again hit Obama for not supporting his proposal.
"I noticed again that Sen. Obama refuses to endorse a tax-- gas tax holiday for Americans despite the fact that he voted for it several times when the price of gasoline was about a dollar and a half per gallon," McCain said. "All we need to do is cut out hundreds of millions and billions of dollars of pork barrel projects that have been funded by the pork barrel bills, the transportation and highway bills that have gone through the Congress of the United States."
After pushing his message of the day, McCain also responded to the recent ads released referencing his comments on a lengthy American presence in Iraq, quickly blaming Obama for misrepresenting his statements.
"It's a little distressing to me when Sen. Obama says that he wants to run a very great campaign that is above politics and above the mundane aspects of political campaigns and then keeps turning around and saying and totally falsifying my statement, which is clear in saying that after we win we may have a presence in Iraq the way we do in south Korea," McCain said.
Although admittedly Obama has misstated the intent of McCain's statement, he is not responsible for the television ads recently released by the DNC and MoveOn.org, which released an ad today.
McCain also commented on today's economic news: "Perhaps there was some small growth as far as statistics are concerned. I don't think that that helps Americans any. American families are hurting, 250,000 Americans just recently and suddenly lost their jobs. [Today's news] does not in anyway change my opinion that American families are hurting, they are having difficulties staying in their homes."