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Delegate update: Obama 3, Clinton 2

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The Clinton and Obama campaigns announced one more superdelegate each.

CA Rep. Lois Capps endorsed Obama, and Puerto Rico superdelegate Luisette Cabanas endorsed Clinton. (Chelsea Clinton is stumping in Puerto Rico today.)

Today, Obama has three superdelegates to Clinton's two.

To recap:
OBAMA: Rep. Baron Hill (IN), Rep. Bruce Braley (IA), Rep. Lois Capps.
CLINTON: Bill George (PA AFL-CIO president), Luisette Cabanas (PR DNC member).

SUPERDELEGATE TOTAL: (280 uncommitted)

PLEDGED: Obama 1,490-1,334
OVERALL: Obama 1,737-1,602

Since the PA primary, Obama leads 10-6 in superdelegates.