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Delegate Update: Obama 2, Clinton 1

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
A small wave of superdelegate endorsements this morning. We mentioned Rep. Bruce Braley (IA) in First Thoughts for Obama. In addition, Obama picked up the endorsement of congressman Baron Hill. Clinton also picked up one -- Pennsylvania AFL-CIO president Bill George.

Hill represents Indiana's hotly contested ninth congressional district. Hill is a former Indiana high school basketball star who is in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, alongside NBA legend Larry Bird.

Here's how the numbers shake out:
SUPERDELEGATES: Clinton 267, Obama 246 (282 uncommitted)
PLEDGED: Obama 1,490-1,334
OVERALL: Obama 1,736-1,601

Since Pennsylvania, it's Obama 9-5 in superdelegates.
Here's how those break out:
CLINTON (5): Bill George (PA DNC), Rep. Ike Skelton (MO), Gov. Mike Easley (NC), Kathy Sullivan (NH add on), Rep. John Tanner (TN).

OBAMA (9): Rep. Baron Hill (IN), Rep. Bruce Braley (IA), Rep. Ben Chandler (KY), Richard Machacek (IA), Sen. Jeff Bingaman (NM), Charlene Fernandez (AZ DNC), Rep. David Wu (OR), Audra Ostergard (NE DNC), Gov. Brad Henry (OK).