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Obama to pick up KY superdelegate

From NBC's Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro
NBC News has confirmed an AP report that Kentucky congressman Ben Chandler, a superdelegate, is endorsing Obama today in Louisville.

With Chandler's endorsement, that brings the superdelegate count to Clinton 265, Obama 243. Overall (including pledged and superdelegates), it's Obama 1,733, Clinton 1,599.

Chandler's endorsement also adds to Obama's lead over Clinton among elected superdelegates (congressman, governors, senators). Clinton leads Obama 3-2 in Kentucky superdelegates. Obama has both congressmen from the state -- Rep. John Yarmuth is the other.

AP: LOUISVILLE -- Democrat Barack Obama's campaign director in Kentucky says Congressman Ben Chandler will endorse Obama for their party's presidential nomination.

Carolyn Tandy told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Chandler will announce his support for Obama at a midday news conference in downtown Louisville. Chandler represents a central Kentucky district and carries one of the most famous names in Kentucky politics.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Our pledged delegate count inadvertently had 1,491 for Obama; it should be 1,490. We've adjusted the above count.]