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May 6: HRC nabs Easley; Edwards next?

INDIANA: The Indy Star looks at how white women could be the key to any Clinton victory in the state.

NORTH CAROLINA: Gov. Mike Easley is a nice get for Clinton. But "Easley does not have the sort of political machine that Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania used to help deliver votes for Clinton in that state. But Easley is popular with rural, white, blue-collar Democrats, the sort of voters that Clinton has successfully targeted in wins in Pennsylvania and Ohio."

The Clintons have been quietly courting Easley, who is also a Democratic superdelegate, for months. Former President Clinton has had numerous telephone conversations with Easley."

Politico adds: "Easley is a meaningful ally in the culture war she's waging against Senator Barack Obama, as she seeks to cast him as a hopelessly unelectable liberal elitist and to persuade the Democratic Party leaders who will decide the nomination -- the 'superdelegates' -- to choose her instead.

The New York Times writes about the still-silent Edwards family in the primary. Of course, the piece also simply assumes if either Edwards endorses it will be for Clinton.

Clinton trotted out her "Day One" talking points in North Carolina and compared the decision for president to the decision they would make if hiring a surgeon to perform an operation -- you hire someone ready to perform the operation on Day 1.