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Edwards endorsing unlikely before NC

From MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell and Adam Verdugo
With the North Carolina Democratic primary a week away, Elizabeth Edwards tells MSNBC she'd be "surprised" if either her or her husband endorsed either Obama or Clinton before the contest. But she quickly left the door open for a change of heart saying, "You never say never" -- given that there are big news events that can impact the race.    
"My inclination is not to say more than I have said," noting that she has only gone so far as to endorse Clinton's health-care proposal for universal health care coverage.
She also said the Edwards family is on vacation in Orlando, Fla. When asked about a New York Times report suggesting the possibility that she would endorse Clinton and her husband would endorse Obama, she responded, "We're more concerned about whether we're going to stand in line for Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain next."