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Dem NC Gov race just got nastier

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann
Thought the NC governor's race couldn't get any uglier? Think again!

Richard Moore, one of the candidates in the NC gubernatorial race, who is targeted by the GOP's controversial "Extreme" ad, is up with a new commercial attacking his opponent, Bev Perdue, for her vote against a hate crimes bill. The 30-second spot slams Perdue for voting against a bill that included a provision for tougher investigation of the KKK.

As with most political ads, there's more to the story -- Perdue has a respectable civil rights record and has always polled well among black voters in the state. The Perdue camp furiously compared Moore's attack to the legendarily dirty ad wars waged by Sen. Jesse Helms.

Perdue is accusing Moore of "race-baiting." And now, the Republican group that's threatening to run the Jeremiah Wright ad is throwing in their two cents, too, citing the "racially-tinged" Democratic back-and-forth as a sign of hypocrisy.

"We have stood firmly against the injection of race into this discussion and have reiterated again and again our focus on the issue of judgment," says NC GOP chairwoman Linda Daves in a statement criticizing her Democratic counterpart. "Clean up your own house before you tell us how to run ours."

*** UPDATE *** Here's a fact check on the ad from the Raleigh News & Observer. It says the ad is accurate, that she voted against the bill, and was only one of two Democrats to do so. But her campaign said she "did not recall the vote" and "given the context of other votes she cast, it must be a 'misvote.' She would have been voting against her party leadership, which would have been unusual for a freshman. Legislators who push the wrong button when voting can, and often do, ask to have their vote corrected afterward." Also, they add, that "other votes at the same time better reflect her record on civil rights, such as voting in favor of making Martin Luther King Day a paid state holiday." 

[EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly noted that a still of Obama was used in the beginning of the ad.]