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Bill praises wife's debate performance

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
ERIE, PA -- Wouldn't you know it? Bill Clinton thinks his wife won the debate last night.

At the start of a six-event day that will take him 300 miles across northern Pennsylvania, Clinton told a crowd at Penn State Erie that Hillary "was great."

"She was great because she showed the strength and leadership and knowledge of the issues that is very important to the next president, and she didn't hedge, beat around the bush on tough questions," he said. "She told us what she was gonna do on health care, she told us what she was gonna do on jobs. That's what you want in a president -- someone who is leading for you."

Clinton hurried from his final event last night to watch the debate in Pittsburgh with local supporters, including Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato.

Joining Clinton for his events today is actor Ted Danson. In his remarks here, Danson talked about his family's friendship with the Clintons, and called Hillary "the most authentic person I have ever met." It was a tribute that Clinton felt deserved expanding upon.

"You heard what he said about Hillary? That's what the people who know her think," Clinton said. "That is very different than the image that they have tried to create for her, isn't it, in the media, and out of the other campaign, who are always nagging, nagging, nagging. You heard it for 15 months, you know? How come no one who knows her believes that?"