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Oh 'boy'...

From NBC's Mark Murray and Mike Viqueira
This is the latest story setting the blogosphere on fire: Kentucky congressman Geoff Davis "compared Obama and his message for change similar to a 'snake oil salesman.' He said in his remarks at the GOP dinner [on Saturday] that he also recently participated in a 'highly classified, national security simulation' with Obama."

"'I'm going to tell you something: That boy's finger does not need to be on the button,' Davis said. 'He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country.'"

Obama spokesman Bill Burton followed up with this tough response: "It's hard to tell what is more outrageous -- Representative Davis' condescending and personal attack, or his absurd and offensive claim that Barack Obama is not prepared to defend America. Geoff Davis may hide behind offensive tough talk, but he has marched in lock-step with Bush-McCain policies that have devastated our national security while Barack Obama has stood up against a misguided war in Iraq and worked with respected Republicans like Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel to secure loose weapons and nuclear materials from terrorists."

We have received word that Davis has delivered -- or is about to -- a letter of apology to Obama's Senate office.

*** UPDATE *** Here's Davis' letter to Obama...
Dear Senator Obama:
On Saturday night I gave a speech in which I used a poor choice of words when discussing the national security policy positions of the Presidential candidates. I was quoted as saying "That boy's finger does not need to be on the button."

My poor choice of words is regrettable and was in no way meant to impugn you or your integrity. I offer my sincere apology to you and ask for your forgiveness.

Though we may disagree on many issues, I know that we share the goal of a prosperous, secure future for our nation. My comment has detracted from the dialogue that we should all be having on legitimate policy differences and in no way reflects the personal and professional respect I have for you.

Geoff Davis