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Church directed money to FL gov?

From the NBC News Investigative Unit
A Tampa megachurch under scrutiny by Senate investigators directed church staffers to make political contributions to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) when he was a gubernatorial candidate, according to documents obtained by NBC News.

A month-long NBC News investigation also found information indicating that the church's pastor, Randy White, seems to have lied about a business transaction in a deposition made under oath, and misrepresented his religious academic credentials.

Without Walls International, a megachurch founded by televangelists Randy and Paula White, is one of six tax-exempt religious ministries the Senate Finance Committee is examining, amid allegations some of the ministers misused church funds to enrich themselves. Last month, NBC News reported the results of its investigation into some of these allegations. 

NBC News obtained an e-mail (some identifying pieces of information in the e-mail have been removed by NBC) in which a Without Walls church staff member reporting to the Whites appears to direct other staffers to make political contributions to Crist when he was a candidate. He who won the gubernatorial race later that year.

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