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Looking ahead: Hillary's PA edge?

PENNSYLVANIA (April 22): Here's a look at the delegates who are actually being elected on April 22, and suggestions that they are free to change their votes: "Three of the state's superdelegates and 55 of its pledged delegates will be chosen in June at the convention of the Democratic State Committee, which is heavily influenced by Gov. Rendell and whose chairman is T.J. Rooney. Both are strong Clinton supporters. Could party leaders stack the deck, handing Clinton the three superdelegates, and assigning Obama pledged delegates whose loyalty is questionable? "Absolutely not, says Rooney."

INDIANA (May 6): Bloomberg News looks at how the Wright controversy is playing in Indiana. "Interviews with dozens of Democrats in this overwhelmingly white region -- where voters will go to the polls in the May 20 primary -- suggest residual concerns over the controversy involving Obama's former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. To be sure, this flies in the face of most polls taken after Obama's widely praised March 18 speech on race and the Wright controversy."