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Clinton: The trust issue

Doesn't this lead in the Los Angeles Times exemplify the problem Clinton faces right now? "In one of their sharpest exchanges of the presidential campaign, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama clashed over the Iraq war on Monday, with each challenging the other's credentials on national security. Meanwhile, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama's rival for the party's nomination, went after Obama's supporters for urging her to exit the race."

The Wall Street Journal looks at the trust issue Clinton still has with voters. It's now April of 2008, if Clinton hasn't fixed this issue after 15 months on the campaign trail, will she ever fix it.

Per NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli, Bill Clinton relied on the support of Jack Murtha and Joe Wilson to defend his wife's record on Iraq, challenging a member of the audience at an event yesterday in Oregon. Clinton, during an event at a community college in the state capital of Salem, was touting Hillary's fitness to be commander in chief when someone shouted out that she voted for the Iraq war. "That may be what you think, but that's not accurate," Clinton responded. "I think it's very interesting that people believe they should not vote for Hillary because of Iraq. Now that's a hoot."
He then referred to the endorsement by Murtha, whom he called "the most respected anti-war congressman in the entire House of Representatives," and Wilson, whom he said "paid a terrible price for refusing to lie about the intelligence on Iraq." Bill continued, "He's for Hillary. And you know why? Because he knows that the popular explanation of who said what when and who did what when that you've been told doesn't hold water. Now what really matters is what we're gonna do now."
As Clinton continued, the same audience member shouted out to ask what would happen if the US left Iraq, leaving the former president a bit frustrated. "You wanna give this speech?" he asked, prompting laughter and applause from the rest of the crowd. "You've been trying to interrupt it ever since I started." He then took a jovial turn, offering the man a deal. "You let me give my talk and then you go outside and everybody who wants to come here you can do it," he said. "I don't mind making a crowd for you, I just don't want to have to share the minutes I've got."