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On those North Carolina endorsements

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann
Several Democratic sources familiar with North Carolina politics expressed surprise at today's Wall Street Journal story, saying that -- although several members of the delegation are likely Obama backers -- an en masse endorsement would include nods from several Dems who most expected to stay on the sidelines in the Clinton-Obama race.

A staff member close to one of the superdelegates in question confirms there is no truth to the story.

Per Dan Leistikow, a spokesman for the Obama campaign in North Carolina, "Despite the Wall Street Journal's optimism, none of them has said told our campaign that they are ready to announce their endorsement of Senator Obama -- so we'll keep working on it."

One Democrat who supports Obama did say that some elected officials and candidates for office in the state have expressed concern about a prolonged nomination, saying that many believe that a popular election result overturned by superdelegates "would destroy the party.." A mass endorsement by the delegation would send a clear message of party unity, he said.

But as of today, added another source familiar with the story, the idea might have simply been born of one Obama supporter's wishful thinking.